Australian Designer/ Photographer

Fliss Dodd has an eye for detail in all that she creates.

Studying Ceramics at the ANU School of Art enabled her to develop her own unique and distinctive sense of style from which she now draws upon life experiences, travel, culture, humour, forms, function and everything in between as reference points for her work.

Fliss’s design portfolio has seen her create across a wide range of mediums including soft toys, children’s clothing, textiles, ceramics (functional and sculptural), interior design/styling and photography. Her unique style has seen her design ceramic table ware for clients such as the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Will Meyrick's restaurants Hujan Locale + Tiger Palm in Bali.

Fliss consults on interior design and styling for both residential and commercial projects and she continues to use her ceramic design skills within these projects. Her eye for beautiful, moody images allows her to shoot content of the finished projects as well as freelancing as a photographer for creative businesses capturing their details with a visual story to share content across all platforms.

For all enquiries regarding Interior design, Photography or Ceramic Design for you or your business please email…..


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